The complete line for your project! Sole company with production of Matriz Plana and Matriz Globo.


Geomembrana Colorida
Colored Geomembrane
Smooth and textured geomembranes are usually made in black colors on both sides, yet one of these can be developed in


Geomembrane fastener to concrete structures
Geomenbrana PEAD
Geomenbrana Lisa PEBDL
Resistencia, flexibilidade e alta estanqueidade num mesmo produto.


Geomembrana Texturizada
Texturized Geomembrane
The only one with a uniform texture in the market, ideal to increase the friction between the blanket and the substrate.


Geocomposto Drenante
Drainage Geocompost
Used to drain and route fluids, but without earth moving


Vertical Drain Tecdren®
Vertical drain to accelerate settlement


Tela Grama Armada
Armed Grass Netting
Plastic Netting used mainly for erosion control and steep slopes.