Used to drain and route fluids, but without earth moving

About the product

The drainage geocomposite consists of a plastic Netting (Geonet®) that acts as a drainage element, thermofixed between two non-woven geotextiles, in which they also act as a filter allowing only the passage of the fluid in the drainage plane, maintaining its high drainage capacity even under pressure and low slope of the support substrate.

Drainage geocomposites replace the drainage systems of natural aggregates, composed of sand and gravel, with saving advantages of greater storage capacity during the work and easy installation.

Main applications

  • Drainage of sports fields;
  • Drainage of suspended gardens;
  • Drainage in tunnel waterproofing systems;
  • Drainage in Landfill and Industrial Landfill;
  • Drainage in Irrigation and Water Transmission canals;
  • Drainage in Ponds;
  • Vertical drainage in retaining walls;
  • Drainage of deep and superficial water on highways;
  • Leak detection system in environmental protection systems;
  • Mechanical geomembrane protection;
  • Green roof;
  • Building basement floors.


Thickness: 7mm and 12mm

Width: 2.00m

Length: 50m a contact us