Geomembrane Reservoir GEOTENE

Geomembrane Reservoir – Circular Die

Manufactured by Circular Die Extrusion Technology

Geotene is the Geomembrane Reservoir line of Nortene group, designed for impermeabilization projects, which require excellent mechanical resistance, resistance to chemical products and the sun rays.
Geotene geomembrane is manufactured by the circular die extrusion technology and its main raw material is high-density polyethylene (HDPE), addition of carbon black,
thermal stabilizers and antioxidants.

Best market performance

The exclusive use of virgin resin, of the best quality, specially developed for the manufacture of geomembrane reservoirs and NORTÈNE process control technology result in a product of differentiated quality, with excellent resistance and durability.


• The best performance in resistance and durability.

• Excellent mechanical resistance.

• Excellent resistance to chemicals.

• High resistance to biological attacks.

• Excellent resistance to sunlight.

• Low fouling.

• Specialized quality control laboratories.

• Excellent weldability. Welding performed with double thermofusion line.

• Accredited network of installers throughout Brazil.

main deployments

• Mining
• Landfills
• Irrigation Channels
• Containment Basin
• Effluent Treatment Pond
• Aquicultra


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