For fluid control.

About the product

Manufactured in a flat die or blown process, with high density polyethylene, the HDPE Smooth Geomembrane Reservoir presents excellent durability, the material is formulated with stabilizers, carbon black and antioxidants.

Due to rigid installation control, the reservoir prevents liquids, gases and debris from contacting the soil, preventing contamination of the environment and groundwater.

Main applications

  • Water reservoir
  • Artificial lake
  • Irrigation channel
  • Aquaculture reservoir
  • Manure storage (pig farming)
  • Tailings dam
  • Shrimp farming
  • Sanitary and industrial landfills
  • Biological oxidation tank
  • Industrial waste treatment tank
  • Water transmission channels in hydroelectric power stations and small hydros
  • Vinasse tank and duct
  • Leaching heap base


Thickness: 0.5 to 2.5mm

Width: 5,80 to 7 meters

Length: 50 a Contact us