Canvas ideal for covering and protection in general.

About the product

Plastic canvas made of polyethylene in black color, made of a special recycled material. They are recommended for various uses in construction and renovation, where high strength is not required.

Main applications

  • Protection for renovation and painting
  • Protection for sand and cement in works
  • Laying of stones and tiles
  • Infiltration prevention
  • Coverage for materials in works and gardening
  • Lining for floors and painting
  • Temporary coverage for roofs
  • Lining and coverage for roofs
  • Lining for drying grain
  • Tent building
  • Decoration for parties and events
  • Coverage for bags
  • Signaling of risk areas


Color: Black

Width: 04 to 08 meters

Length: 50 and 100 meters

Coil weight: 13 to 100kg