Storage of grains and silage for animal feed.

About the product:

Silo Bolsa Silox is a multi-layer polyethylene bag with top-of-the-line raw material, giving protection against UV rays, greater mechanical resistance and elasticity.

Its main functionality is to be a light barrier, and being hermetically sealed, allows an anaerobic environment, preventing the development of fungi, insects and pests, maintaining the quality of the product stored. The outer face, in white color, reflects the sunlight and maintains the ambient temperature. The inner face, in black color, ensures greater protection of the silage material.

Main advantages of Silo Bolsa Nortène:

  • Easy handling and installation;
  • Flexibility of the system in function of production and harvest;
  • Optimization of costs with labor; • Loss reduction;
  • Preservation of the nutritional quality of the grains.

Main Aplications:

  • Dried grains: Corn, wheat, canola and more ...
  • Humid grains: Sorghum, wheat, corn, oats and more ...
  • Corn gluten
  • Grass and Grass
  • Fertilizers


Colors: Black / White

Diameter: 9 feet (2.72 meters)

Thickness: 230 micra

Layers: Two white layers with UV protection and one black inner layer

Length: 61 meters

Capacity: 180 tons (soybean) | 200 tonnes - (maize)