The only one with uniform texture on the market. Ideal for increasing friction between reservoir and substrate

About the product

The Nortène Textured Geomembrane Reservoir, made of a flat die, is made of a high relief texture. This texture is composed of two types of roughness: a pointed protrusion and a background texture between the protrusions.

The uneven surface roughness interacts more efficiently with the contact surface with the reservoir, providing excellent interface friction, and its unique and continuous fabrication and texturing process.

Main applications

  • Health Landfills
  • Water transmission channels in hydroelectric power stations/small hydros
  • Mining
  • Irrigation channels
  • Sanitary and industrial landfills
  • Water transmission channels in hydroelectric power stations and small hydros
  • Mining
  • Irrigation channels
  • Leaching heap base


Version: Single-sided or double-sided texture

Thickness: 1.00 to 2.5mm

Width: 5.80m

Length: 50 a contact us