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Maxilux HP

Thermal Diffuser


Film developed for regions where there is thermal oscillation

Maxilux HP Thermal Diffuser film has been developed for regions where there are problems of low temperature inside the greenhouse. During the day, the film enables entry of radiation, and consequently, accumulation of heat, and at night, it controls the heat erosion, reducing the temperature oscillation between day and night.
The additive used in its composition works as a film against the output of long waves produced during the day inside the greenhouse, helping to keep the heat.
  • Light Transmission 88% 88%
  • Light Diffusion 42% 42%


2 to 12 m


120, 150, 180 and 200 mic


Temperature Oscillation Reduction

Heat Maintenance
Reduction of the Risk of Freezing

Main indications:


Leaf vegetables


Raw Material/Composition:

The film is produced of 100% virgin polyethylene and contains additives against UVA and UVB rays for protection and longer durability of the material. New generation HALS additive film, which enhances the protection of the polymer against the weather conditions, assuring longer life of the film. Resin with special catalysts, providing greater flexibility, greater elongation and greater mechanical strength to the film.





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