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Mulching HP Black


Agricultural film recommended for coverage of the soil to protect against development of weeds

HP Black Mulching is recommended for coverage of the soil to protect against development of weeds, in addition to having advantages, such as savings of water and fertilizers, better product quality and lower occurrence of diseases due to the improvement of the micro-climate close to the plants. Black mulching is indicated for cold regions, because it provides high transmission of thermal radiation, which warms the soil; therefore, it is indicated for regions with thermal oscillations and/or cold periods.




500 and 1000




16 mic


Weed Reduction
Water Saving
Better Product Quality

Main indications:

Leaf vegetables



Raw Material/Composition:

The film is produced of 100% virgin polyethylene and contains additives against UVA and UVB rays for protection and longer durability of the material. New generation HALS additive film, which enhances the protection of the polymer against the weather conditions, assuring longer life of the film. Resin with special catalysts, providing greater flexibility, greater elongation and greater mechanical strength to the film.

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